Shania Twain Lends Her Voice to Help Preserve Earth’s Wild Leopard Population

Sandbox EntertainmentShania Twain famously wore a leopard print costume in her “That Don’t Impress Me Much” video back in the late-’90s. Now she’s teamed up with cat conservation organization Panthera to help protect wild leopards. The big cats are shrinking in number due to expanding human populations in their habitats. The campaign is called Project Pardus, and Shania has signed on as the effort’s Global Ambassador.

“The image and spirit of the leopard is an inspiration to millions around the world, including myself,” Shania says. “That it is also the most oppressed of the big cats is almost unknown. If we’re to save this animal in the wild, we have to get ahead of the curve before it suffers the same fate as so many other species that we once felt to be secure in their numbers.”

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