We’ve all got a bucket list of those things we’d like to do before…well, you know.

The internet recently came together to put together a bucket list of things you should do before 40 and the list is pretty encompassing.

It includes falling in love, which was the overall top answer, getting fired, visiting other continents and owning a pet. It’s quite the diverse list.

“Once we reach 40, there is so much left of life to achieve the goals and milestones we want to hit – so it’s nothing to worry about if there’s still plenty left on your to-do list,” Nigel Birrell, CEO of Lottoland.co.uk, who commissioned the study, said. “It’s interesting to see what people believe ‘should’ have been achieved by that age though, as what’s right for one person may not suit another.”

We’ll include the top 10 list, to find the full 40, hit the link above.

  1. Falling In Love
  2. Started Your Pension
  3. Learned basic DIY skills
  4. Bought a house
  5. Gone travelling
  6. Had at least three months’ salary in savings
  7. Been married
  8. Had a child
  9. Owned a pet
  10. Written a will

That last one is kind of a bummer to end on, so we’ll thrown in a bonus:

11. Had a hangover that made you want to quit drinking forever.