With the Fourth of July coming up, millions of Americans are traveling for the holiday.

AAA estimates that 47.9 million people and over 387 thousand Kansans will travel 50 miles or more July 4th weekend.

AAA representative Jana Tidwell says they expected the record high gas prices to push travel numbers down this year. But in reality, they are seeing the opposite, and explained people’s eagerness to travel.

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Tidwell says travelers are making spending adjustments on the trip, such as cheaper lodging. The national average for road trips this year is slightly over 88 percent of travelers, and around 84 percent for Kansas. The national average is only about one percent higher than last year.

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While Memorial Day is known to have the largest travel volume for the summer, Independence Day is the second most popular. More people will travel by car for this holiday, as it is further into the summer when more families have time off.

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Tidwell says the daily record setting gas prices have seem to stopped, and even have dropped slightly in some areas.

Before embarking on a road trip, AAA is recommending drivers have their vehicles checked from top to bottom.