ABC/Bob D’AmicoEveryone likes watching reality singing competitions, but everybody hates having to sit through an entire results show just to find out who got eliminated and who’s moving on.  But ABC’s new competition, Rising Star, is removing the results show from the equation, according to the four music stars who are appearing on it.

In a new trailer, the show’s panel of “experts,” who include Brad Paisley, rapper/actor Ludacris and pop star Kesha — plus the show’s host, Josh Groban — explain how Rising Star works.  During each episode, you’ll watch contestants perform live in front of a massive wall of video screens.  You download the Rising Star app, and if you like what you’re seeing and hearing, you vote in real time by swiping right for “yes” and left for “no.”  The faces of the voters — maybe even yours — will appear on the wall during the voting.

If the contestant gets enough “yes” votes, the wall will rise, and he or she will move on, and then Brad, Ludacris and Kesha will offer their opinions.  If they don’t, the wall stays down and they go home.  The show airs only once per week, because essentially, the performance and the results are combined in a single episode.

“You know those other shows where you gotta wait for results, and the judges make all the decisions?  Well, yeah, we flipped that,” says Ludacris.  “There’s no results show,” says Kesha. “No waiting until the next day,” says Brad.  “We know how you are: you like it now, now, now!” adds Josh.

“I’m talking about instant gratification,” says Ludacris.  “We all crave it,” says Kesha.  Luda responds, “But with this show, you’re gonna get it.”

“We’re not the judges,” they all conclude.  “You are.”

Rising Star begins Sunday, June 22 on ABC and will run for 10 weeks.

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