Image Courtesy Big & Rich RecordsBig & Rich celebrate the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough hit, “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” and their multi-platinum debut project, Horse of a Different Color, with a brand-new album, Gravity, in stores this week. The project features the duo’s latest top-20 country hit, “Look at You,” which the duo’s Big Kenny says has made a big impact on their fans, right out of the box.

“That song to me, as well as some others on this record, was a place that we hit a uniquely Big & Rich sound on it, vocally,” Kenny tells ABC News Radio. “Insanely well-written song — great melody, a great production.”

Kenny’s duo partner, John Rich, agrees that they’re firing on all cylinders with Gravity.

“The songs on this record, I think, are probably some of the best lyrics and sonics that Kenny and I have ever done,” John says. “Really, they should be. You should continue to get better at your music.”

Kenny compares the past 10 years of their career to going to high school then on to college as far as songwriting goes.  He says, “You get to 10 years, you’re starting to get your Ph.D. in songwriting.”

John adds with a laugh, “And the next thing you know, you’re in adult diapers, which is where we’ll probably be on the next record.”

In addition to “Look at You,” Gravity includes a duet with Big & Rich’s pal Tim McGraw on a song titled “Lovin’ Lately.”

Look for Big & Rich to promote Gravity with appearances on NBC’s Today on Thursday and ABC’s The Chew on Friday. They’ll appear on FOX News’ Huckabee this Saturday, too.

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