CMABlake Shelton says his marriage to Miranda Lambert had an unforeseen silver lining– it revitalized the economy of his hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. After relocating to Tishomingo, Miranda opened her store, The Pink Pistol, in November of 2012.

“I think it’s great what it’s done for the community and the people there love it, and I’m proud of her when you do drive through,” Blake boasts. “If you could have seen a picture of downtown Tishomingo four years ago and see it now, it would blow your mind. It’s unbelievable. It went from absolute ghost town with tumbleweeds and skinny dogs walking up and down the street to, it looks like Pigeon Forge or something around there now. And that is all centered around The Pink Pistol. It’s amazing what it’s done.”

The star of The Voice is quick to admit he really can’t take much credit for the renaissance the little town has experienced. In fact, Blake says it’s become such a big deal he tries to avoid it.

“It’s my wife. I mean, she owns and operates and has a personal touch on The Pink Pistol… I have nothing to do with it. In fact, when I go, I purposefully drive way around it,” he jokes.

Blake gets serious for a moment as he considers what Miranda’s store has meant to his neighbors.

“It’s changed people’s lives in that area. I mean, in a town that there was basically no jobs, it really has turned it around, and it just keeps getting better. People want those pink t-shirts!”

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