CMAEven though Miranda Lambert‘s latest CD Platinum has already sold half a million copies and spawned the hit singles “Automatic” and “Somethin’ Bad,” husband Blake Shelton says she’s much more focused on emotion and authenticity than on commercial success.

“That’s what I love about my wife is that she wears her heart on her sleeve,” he reflects. “She writes songs and records songs that mean something to her. The last thing that she thinks about when she makes a record is what could get played on the radio. I can honestly say it never, ever, ever, ever crosses her mind.”

Ultimately, Blake believes it’s Miranda’s honest approach that’s translated into such wide appeal.

“I think that’s why especially this community, we look forward to her albums so much because it’s always just a reinvention of herself and it’s always a breath of fresh air from what guys like me are doing, you know,” he jokes.

We’ll find out exactly what Blake himself is up to, when his latest CD Bringing Back the Sunshine comes out September 30.

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