Freedom still rings this September with Boomtown officially back on.

Wamego’s annual parade and fireworks show has been officially rescheduled for Sunday, September 6th after receiving approval from the city commission.

In addition to the parade and fireworks show, the annual car show will be featured in Wamego City Park and both the Wamego Aquatics Center and Splash Park will be open. Concessions will be available both at the parade and the sports complex during the fireworks show.

The band “Departure” will return as well to perform a free concert at the Wamego Rec Complex before the fireworks show. They will also perform again in a special post show concert after the fireworks show concludes. Not returning this year will be the carnival, but it will return next year.

Wamego Chamber officials will detail the rescheduled events on Monday morning’s In Focus at 9:06 a.m.

Elsewhere Tuesday, officials in Randolph announced the cancellation of the annual Independence Day celebration, which includes the fireworks display and car show. Officials say they will continue to have the fireworks stand open and fully stocked. Raffles will continue as well, with details of a giveaway date announced at a later time.


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