Photo Credit: Ben EnosBrad Paisley connected with the families of two deployed U.S. soldiers Sunday night at his concert in Bangor, ME. Amanda Kelly, the wife of Sgt. Ryan Kelly, and Erin Donnell, the girlfriend of Sgt. Dana Gross, held up large cardboard photo cut-outs of their respective loved ones during Brad’s show. These cut-outs are called “flat daddies” since they are made of images of loved ones who are deployed overseas.

When Brad saw the cut-outs, he immediately took them and held them up for the crowd to see, saying, “This is what it’s all about. These guys are heroes. Let’s hear it.”

Thanks to the power of social media, Brad found the soldiers’ loved ones and invited the soldiers and their families to come to his show in Boston this August.

Of note, Sgt. Kelly was actually in the audience when Brad performed a surprise concert for soldiers in Afghanistan on Memorial Day.

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