Image Courtesy Arista NashvilleIf you’ve been paying attention to all the songs Brad Paisley has leaked from his new album, Moonshine in the Trunk, then you know he’s all about having a good time with this new batch of songs. In order to set the mood for the recording process, Brad installed a bar at the studio on his property south of Nashville. The result is an album full of songs tailor-made to help you forget your troubles.

“I mean, this is a honky-tonk record really in many ways,” Brad tells ABC News Radio. “It’s people getting together on a weekend or a Friday night or weeknight or anything where they sort of aren’t oblivious to the things that are wrong, they’re just preferring to sort of forget about those for a short amount of time and maybe look at the bright side.”

That party atmosphere has already given Brad’s shows on the Country Nation tour a big boost this summer. The lead single from the project, “River Bank,” has become a crowd favorite since Brad put it out a few months ago.

He says, “I think probably because of the mentality of that song — the idea of it being about a lifestyle is one of those songs that people will say, ‘I hope he plays “River Bank” tonight.’ And that’s always good when your latest single is the one they’re saying, ‘I hope he plays that.'”

Moonshine in the Trunk is now on sale. Fans who buy the ZinePak edition of Moonshine in the Trunk at Walmart will get to see photos of Brad’s new bar and other images from the recording process.

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