Image Courtesy CMABrad Paisley‘s latest single, “River Bank,” was partly inspired by the time he spent on the water in his early days in Nashville. Brad didn’t have much money back then, but he had a friend with a bass boat.

Says Brad, “It was about a 16-footer. It was enough for two guys to go out on the lake. And we would meet up every day that was nice and save up, buy any kind of tackle we could afford, and just head up to the…either the Cumberland River or Percy Priest [lake].”

Brad didn’t have any family or a girlfriend during that time in his life, but he found comfort in spending time on the water.

“It was the release for me,” Brad explains. “I would work all the time, write songs all the time, and then I’d go to the river.”

“River Bank” is the lead single from Brad’s new album, Moonshine in the Trunk, coming out August 25.

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