Image Courtesy Valory Music Co.If Brantley Gilbert ever starts feeling cooped up on his tour bus, he’s got his choice of five Harley-Davdison motorcycles on the road with him all the time. His pal, Harley-Davidson dealership owner Ricky Kelley, actually gave Brantley three motorcycles to take with him on tour, but Brantley couldn’t leave his own hogs at home.

He says, “My newest one and my ’99, I’m so addicted to ’em, that I end up bringing them out anyway.”

Over the past few years, Brantley has become friends with bikers all over the U.S. who are glad to show him around when he’s in their city.

Brantley explains, “If we don’t know a lot of road systems around there and what roads are good to ride and what’s got a good bit of scenery, these guys will show up and we’ll kind of follow ’em around and get a good ride during the day.”

Brantley is on the road with his Let It Ride tour through December 13.

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