Image Courtesy Republic NashvilleBrantley Gilbert plans to make music for the rest of his life, but he’s found a rather uncommon interest to occupy the rest of his time: deer farming. It seems Brantley has been searching for something he might enjoy doing as he gets older, and his recently-retired hunting buddy, Wayne Green, turned him on to deer farming.

Thinking back on a recent hunting trip, Brantley says, “My tour manager Jeff asked Wayne, he says, ‘Wayne, what are you gonna do with the rest of your life now that you’ve retired and everything?’ and Wayne said, ‘Well Jeff, I’m gonna hunt and sell deer semen.'”

That conversation got Brantley thinking that breeding bucks might be a great way to continue his passion for deer hunting well into his senior years.  “I wouldn’t wanna be a major player in it,” Brantley says of the buck-breeding business, “but I found a place that’s, like, 275 acres, which is manageable.  But, it’s already high-fenced and stuff. We’re gonna raise some big bucks and breed ‘em and that sorta thing. Pretty excited about that.”

Brantley has plenty of years left before he retires to the farm, though. He’s currently on the Let It Ride tour promoting his new, hit album, Just As I Am.

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