Valory Music Co.Brantley Gilbert plays a gangster running moonshine with an all-female crew in his video for “Bottoms Up,” and his friends are giving him grief about making the women do all the work in the clip.

Brantley tells ABC News Radio, “My buddy was, like, ‘Man, I love how in the video how you got them girls working for you. You just touching the engine. You ain’t even doing nothing. You hollering at ’em, “Hey, y’all got this stuff loaded up yet? What’s up?”‘”

While Brantley certainly enjoyed being surrounded by all those pretty girls on the video shoot, he knows it looks a little ridiculous. The clip was partly inspired by the rap videos Brantley watches for fun.

“Some of ’em are really, really funny, and I’m watching these guys, and they got girls crawling all over ’em,” Brantley says. “It was kind of like an inside joke for us, but where else can you get three gorgeous women like that to give you a massage at the same time and not get in a fight? Right? That’s awesome! Nowhere else but a music video does that happen!”

Brantley adds with a laugh, “I’m hoping that, like, in videos to come we can get in a lot more of those situations.”

“Bottoms Up” is the lead single from Brantley’s new album, Just As I Am, due out May 19.

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