Truly, the heroes we need right now.

It’s no secret a big fad in Country music is the “list song.” For an example, see Rhett, Thomas and “What Makes You Country.”

Well, Brantley Gilbert has teamed up with Toby Keith and HARDY to put out the anti-list Country song in “The Worst Country Song of All Time.” And it’s better than it has any right to be.

The project was teased on social media, starting with a TikTok by Brantley pondering THE question of the universe: What is the worst country song of all time? HARDY responded that it had to be “Red Solo Cup”, which is a fair guess. Toby felt it was HARDY’s “Rednecker.” Also a solid choice. The correct answer remains “Cicada Love Call.”

I will never not listen to this ridiculous song. It will be in my Christmas rotation on Spotify.

As for how this particular song actually came together, we’ll let Brantley tell it in his own words.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the lyric video for “The Worst Country Song of All Time.”