Father’s Day is Sunday.

We know, it surprised the heck out of us, also.

You still have time to shop for something for Dad before Sunday, though maybe not if you plan on having it shipped to him. Here are a few things dads apparently are hoping for this year.

  1. Doing something special with the family (i.e. hikes, pool time, a beach day, ect)
  2. A card (Ed. Note: These first two are technically tied for 1st)
  3. Clothes
  4. Something homemade
  5. Tools (Must…not…Tim…Taylor…Grunt…)
  6. Electronics
  7. Something related to a hobby
  8. A gift certificate for “something fun” (Minds clean!)
  9. Having the day to himself. (In fact, one in nine dads just want you to leave them alone. Especially if they’re into golf, since the U.S. Open is this weekend. Let’s face it, the Royals aren’t…good right now.)
  10. Food/Beer/Wine/Liquor. (Really?!?! This is THAT low?)

Of note: 13 percent of respondents to the poll say they wouldn’t like to receive ANY of the items above. Good luck shopping for that father. Do what I do: Give him the gift of your presence. I’m sure that will go over well.