UMG/Sonya JasinskiBrothers Osborne went back to their hometown of Deale, Maryland to shoot the video for their latest single, “Rum.” The cast of characters in the clip all hail from Deale as well, which may explain the duo’s T.J. and John Osborne‘s offbeat senses of humor.

At first the director wanted to go to Deale to find off-the-wall people to appear in the video, but T.J. says they assured him they’d just call on their old friends and family that still lived there.

“We grew up with those people,” T.J. tells ABC News Radio. “We wanted it to be real. We wanted the music to be real. We wanted the music video to be real and when people see and hear it, it’s completely true, honest what it is. We didn’t want anything to be contrived, ’cause it didn’t need to be.”

The video for “Rum” features the guys’ pals lip syncing the song, but not everyone had the lyrics memorized in time for the shoot.

Says T.J., “There’s even a couple moments, we left them in the video ’cause they were hilarious where people are just singing along and they get to the bridge, and they’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t know what the words are.’ And they have this kind of paused look on their face like deer in the headlights, and it’s amazing.”

“Rum” is included on Brothers Osborne’s new, self-titled EP, available now.

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