Image Courtesy Arista NashvilleCarrie Underwood’s hit song “See You Again” has become an anthem for military personnel serving overseas and their families as they wait to be reunited. The song is also a source of hope for the family members of those who’ve lost their lives in battle.

One family in particular sticks out in Carrie’s mind. A young girl and her mother bought three tickets to see one of Carrie’s shows thinking the girl’s father would be able to join them. He died in the line of duty, but the mother and daughter still came to see Carrie’s show.

Carrie arranged to meet them at her show. She writes in Time magazine, “I am still amazed at how strong they both were. They might have found a little comfort in one of my songs. But because of their story and the many others like it that I have heard since, I’ll never sing that song the same way again.”

Carrie is performing “See You Again” on HBO’s Concert for Valor Tuesday night.

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