Image Courtesy ABCFans tuning in to ABC’s Nashville Wednesday night might experience a little déjà vu if they also caught the CMA Awards earlier this month. Nashville‘s version of the CMA Awards airs Wednesday with engaged couple Luke Wheeler and Rayna Jaymes squaring off in the Entertainer of the Year category. Real-life CMA Awards hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley actually filmed a cameo for this episode of Nashville in the days leading up to actual ceremony.

“In between our hosting meetings and duties and running through things, we were able to go up there and quickly shoot that for ’em,” Carrie says. She adds with a laugh, “It’s not any major, life-changing role or anything. We’re just doing what we do!”

The Band Perry also appears on Nashville‘s version of the CMA Awards, and lead singer Kimberly Perry admits she was excited to see Luke and Rayna on set.

Says Kimberly, “I’m such a fan of the show, so I was a little bit star struck when I walked in and saw these actors who in my mind are kind of like country music singers, ’cause that’s what they are on the show.”

The Band Perry’s Neil Perry got up close up and personal with Connie Britton, who plays Rayna, during one scene.

He gushes, “She looked at me and I was able to kiss her on the cheek. That’s all I can say. I love just leaving it there by the way.”

Trisha Yearwood jumped at the chance to play herself as a CMA Awards presenter on Nashville. While she was late to catch on to the show, Trisha doesn’t miss an episode of Nashville these days.

She tells ABC News Radio, “It was a good representation, I thought, of the way the music business works. I mean, it’s dramatized, but a lot of it is real. So, I loved it, and then you get sucked into the storyline, and you’re just all about it.”

Since she shot her part about a month ago, Trisha found out about a few plot twists in advance.

She says with a laugh, “The hardest part for me, being on the set, was knowing what’s coming in a few episodes and knowing that I want to talk to the writers about some changes that I’d like them to make. Things I don’t like.”

The CMA Awards episode of ABC’s Nashville airs Wednesday night at 10 ET.

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