Photo Credit: Sarah MontgomeryA lot of kids hit the beach during their spring break, but Cassadee Pope actually grew up in West Palm Beach, FL. That’s why she spent her time out of school competing in singing competitions.

Cassadee tells ABC News Radio, “I started performing live at about four years old, and I would go to local competitions — get my experience in there. Yeah, that’s really where most of my spare time went.”

Cassadee often tried to perform towards the beginning of the talent competitions so the judges would be fresh when giving her scores.

“Sometimes towards the end they’re tired and they’re over it,” Cassadee explains. “So, they might be like, ‘Ugh, zero.’ You know, ’cause they just want to get out of there.”

That experience obviously paid off since Cassadee went on to win The Voice.

Of note, Cassadee was presented with a platinum plaque for her debut single, “Wasting All These Tears,” while performing on the Grand Ole Opry Tuesday night in Nashville.

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