We have been quarantining and sheltering in place and locking down and whatever else you may call it for nearly a year now. When was the last time you got your oil changed?

Apparently, a quarter of Americans have not taken their car in to get serviced since the world went pear-shaped back last March. And, in fact, the average person will drive for over a week with a warning light on before having it checked out.

Apparently, they follow a friend’s sister’s mentality of, “If I ignore the light, it will turn off eventually.” She’s had three cars engulfed in flames.

Other stats on the survey conducted on behalf of Hyundai: the average person drives nearly 2,500 miles OVER the recommended distance between oil changes, 47 percent of respondents have missed an event due to vehicle malfunction. BUT four in five of us think we take good care of our cars.

Here are some bad car habits we report having:

  1. Drive with a check engine/maintenance light on (33%)
  2. Drive with low tire pressure (26%)
  3. Drive over speed bumps/potholes without slowing down (24%)
  4. Not using the parking brake when parking the car (22%)
  5. Shifting into reverse when the car is moving (21%)
  6. Defrosting the windshield with hot water (19%)
  7. Rapid acceleration (18%)
  8. Run out of gas (18%)
  9. Ignoring weird sounds (15%)
  10. Hard braking and cornering (14%)