If you could go all vampire and stick with one age the rest of your life, what would it be?

A survey conducted on behalf of Tru Niagen shows that the most common answer is 36.

Okay. Not the answer I was expecting, but I’ll allow it. At least it wasn’t 23. Nobody likes you when you’re 23.

The survey results also showed that 59 percent of people used to be obsessed with slowing down the aging process, but have now learned to love their crow’s feet and gray hairs.

“We can’t turn back our biological clocks, and while there are some aspects of aging outside of our control, there are ways to improve one’s healthspan, or the years one is in good health,” said Andrew Shao, Ph.D. “The symptoms we associate with aging, like wrinkles, loose skin, and stiff joints, are all just outward signs of what is happening inside our bodies at a microscopic level. Our cells are, in fact, failing. By reducing stressors on our cells, like sun-exposure and excess alcohol consumption, and adding supplementation that can support our health at the cellular level, then we have a fighting chance at aging healthier.”

Those best ways to age healthily? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Eating healthy
  2. Exercising daily
  3. Drinking water
  4. Taking care of your skin
  5. Maintaining mental health
  6. Taking care of what their body tells you
  7. Maintaining emotional health
  8. Keeping a routine

Also, the average American apparently feels six years younger than they actually are. So my actual age must be 50, because I feel 44, even though my driver’s license says 41.

Time travel makes my head hurt.