Image Courtesy Dack Janiels/SonyChase Rice‘s debut album, Ignite the Night, is out Tuesday featuring the lead single, “Ready Set Roll.” As indicated by that album title, the music on this album is designed to get fans on their feet at his concerts.

Chase tells ABC News Radio, “It was just the perfect three words to describe the album, Ignite the Night. Party, fun, explosions, whatever you wanna call it, which, hopefully this album will explode into something cool.”

While Chase describes some of the songs on the new album as “Ready Set Roll” on steroids, there are a few songs that show off Chase’s introspective side.

“People want to get to know me,” Chase says. “I think they’ve seen the party side, and they know that side, but they can expect to see a whole different side of me on this album as well with the ‘Carolina Cans’ and ‘Jack Daniels and Jesus.’ And just a couple more meaningful songs.”

Chase is taking his new music on the road for the rest of the year. Go to to see where he’s playing next.

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