RCA Nashville(NOTE LANGUAGE) Even though he’s toured with Brad Paisley since last summer, Chris Young says taking the Beat This Winter tour to Scandinavia last month was a particular thrill, both personally and as an artist.

“I had the best time while I was over there. Obviously, getting to go with Brad is great, ’cause from an artist’s perspective, if you go over to Europe for the first time, most of the time you’re gonna lose your a**,” he laughs. “ It’s expensive! You know, it’s hard to get flights over there and then hotel rooms and transportation and everything…You know, usually you just get on your bus and go wherever.”

While there, Chris says he was shocked to discover that even people in Norway recognize his hits.

“You know, being able to go with Brad, there’s that built-in fan base…the crowds were great to us,” he tells ABC News Radio. “There were so many people that actually knew songs. Even in, like, Oslo. In Oslo, Norway, opening for Brad Paisley, there were people that knew songs, which was amazing. We felt really welcome, and I honestly can’t wait to go back.”

And given the friendship the two have built, odds are he’ll get the opportunity.

“[Brad]’s been absolutely amazing to me. That’s the longest anybody’s ever had me on their tour, starting last summer going through last week… I really got to pick his brain about music stuff,” Chris says.  “He was always really open, like if you ever got a question about anything… I’m real lucky I got a chance to get to know him.”

“I’ve always said I was a fan,” Chris adds. “But now I’m really, really a fan.”

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