At their meeting Tuesday, Manhattan City Commissioners considered a request from Manhattan Area Technical College to provide at least a portion of the $1.4 million in funding needed to help finance the construction of their new Advanced Technology Center.

MATC President Jim Genandt spoke to the board and explained that the technical college does not have local taxing authority, so all funding for the school comes from tuition costs and state appropriations.

Genandt said he is not seeking taxing authority, but with 86% of graduates staying to work in the area, he feels this is an opportunity for the city to reciprocate the support that MATC provides for the community.

      Genandt 1

A majority of the commissioners concurred that MATC and this project are highly beneficial, but they also agreed with Commissioner John Matta that the other entities benefiting from the college should provide some funding as well.


Genandt said he is talking with Pottawatomie and Riley Counties, but his biggest concern right now is receiving actual commitments.

      Genandt 2

Ultimately, the board’s majority agreed to provide some portion of the $1.4 million, but require more information from the city on their source options. City Manager Ron Fehr,


More information about the Advanced Technology Center can be found at MATC’s website.