The Manhattan City Commission passed a resolution that would set a potential mill levy increase of 54.914 for the 2022 budget, a move made in preparation for a September 7th public hearing on the budget and potential increase.

The resolution passed on a 4-1 vote, with Mayor Wynn Butler casting the “no” vote.

      7-14-21 city 3

Commissioner Mark Hatesohl wasn’t in favor of the number, either.

      7-14-21 city 2

Deputy City Manager Jason Hilgers noted the possible increase already reflected changes in what the city would spend on personnel.

      7-14-21 city 4

Commissioner Usha Reddi noted that the debate over what the final increase could be is just beginning.

      7-14-21 city 1

The 54.914 mill levy would be a maximum that could be assessed. Once the proposed increase number is published, the commission cannot go above that number but can cut it before final passage of the budget.

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