The “What Were You Wearing” exhibit is giving a voice to sexual assault victims.
The focal point of the exhibit currently on display at Colony Square is to bring awareness to individuals affected by sexual assault. Stephanie Foran , Assistant Director for K-State’s Center for Advocacy stated, all of the credit goes to the Manhattan Crisis Center. The two agencies are co-sponsors.
“It humanizes it. Sexual assault happens to everyone and it affects everyone in one way or another,” she said.
Foran says, because K-State’s CARE team only handles students, faculty and alumni who are victims, the Crisis Center picks up all of the slack for the remainder of the community.
The exhibit’s intent asks participants to understand that it was never about the clothing and the act of shedding those clothes is never enough to bring peace or comfort to survivors of sexual assault. Kathy Ray, Executive Director of the Manhattan Crisis Center delivered a heart-felt speech at the event opener.
“We live in a culture where the question ‘what were you wearing’ is common, though the victims are never responsible for their assault,” she said.
The event showcases several articles of clothing with a back story behind each victim’s assault.  Ray says she is thankful for their partnerships and financial supporters that made the event possible.
“Nationally, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 man have experienced sexual violence. Though you may not hear about it as often does not mean it is not happening,” she said.
According to the K-State CARE web site , more than 90% of survivors on college campuses do not report their assaults.
The exhibit is on display weekdays through April 15 at Colony Square, on Poyntz Ave.
To contact K-State’s CARE team, email them at or call them at 785-532-6444.
You may also contact the Crisis Center at

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