Warner Music NashvilleNot only does William Michael Morgan have his first top-five hit with his debut single, the Mississippi native also has a real shot at number one with his version of Sam Hunt’s “I Met a Girl.” While Sam is an innovator who uses elements of rap and rhythm and blues into his music, William Michael is as traditional as they come.

He says the blend of both artists’ talents on his breakthrough hit is just proof there’s room for everybody in country music.

“When we heard it, it was a whole total different production on it,” he recalls. “I think it was his mixtape demo. But man, we just loved that song, and we love everything that Sam is doing, and you’ve got the Sam Hunts, the Luke Bryans, the Jason Aldeans in this lane, going this fast, and you’ve got, you know, the Easton Corbins and the Chris Youngs and [me] over here doing this thing, you know. And it’s all one big highway, we’re all going to the same place. We’re all trying to get the same message across, we’re just doing it different.” 

You can find Sam’s version of “I Met a Girl” on his Between the Pines:  Acoustic Mixtape project. William Michael’s appears on his debut full-length album, Vinyl, which comes out on Friday.  

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