Big Machine RecordsFather’s Day is this weekend, and many of country’s top stars will be celebrating the holiday with their kids, including Tim McGraw. He and wife, Faith Hill, have three daughters together, and Tim admits they’ve played a big role in helping him calm down over the years.

“I think either I’m getting mellower with age or they’re teaching me patience,” Tim says. “One or the other. I’m not sure which one it is. Probably a combination of both.”

Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox feels he’s learned a lot from his daughters, too.

He says, “They are truly the greatest gifts that I ever could’ve imagined being a part of. I’m so blessed to be their father, and they’re just a wonderful part of my life, and the biggest part of my life.”

For Dierks Bentley, being a father to his three young kids has made him realize just how much he needs his wife, Cassidy, to rein in the madness. Last week, Cassidy asked Dierks if he was OK to watch their two daughters and baby boy, Knox, while she ran some errands.

He replied, “With three? No, I’m not. Like, there’s no —  physically impossible. It’s not safe. No! You can’t go anywhere!”

Dierks adds,”It definitely requires all hands on deck.”

Though parenting three kids has pushed Dierks to new levels of exhaustion, he loves being around the little ones as much as possible.

“They’re so fun to be around,” Dierks explains. “They kinda provide energy in a weird way. Whatever they don’t, alcohol makes up for the rest.”

Randy Houser‘s son, West, is showing signs of budding musical talent just like his dad.

“He can sing his ABC’s on pitch,” Randy says. “I’m like, ‘Woah!’ It looks like he’s gonna be a singer.”

West is talking up a storm, too, though Randy admits they can only understand about half of what the little one says.

Randy adds, “He’s just growing. Turned into a boy. He’s still my baby, though.”

Speaking of babies, Lady Antebellum‘s Dave Haywood and his wife, Kelli, are expecting their first child this fall. He’s been getting lots of parenting advice from band mate Hillary Scott, who welcomed her first child last year. In the end, Dave knows he’s just going to have to dive in and go to work when the baby comes.

He tells ABC News Radio, “I’m reading a couple books, so I’m doing the best I can. I know there’s no way to really prepare, so we’re going to go into it with good attitudes and a happy, excited spirit.”

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