Image Courtesy MCA NashvilleAs David Nail sets out on his I’m a Fire tour this fall, he’ll be drawing on some wisdom he picked up from Darius Rucker. David served as an opening act on Darius’s True Believers tour earlier this year and was really impressed by how well the headliner treated him and his crew.

David tells Billboard, “Everybody just treated us with respect, and inspired me to be available to the opening acts — and to pass along some of the lessons that guys like him taught me.”

David is now passing those lessons on to his opening act, new duo Native Run. He does admit it’s a little odd being the veteran act on this tour, though.

“I always joke with them that they make me feel old,” David says. “They make me feel like I’ve been doing this longer than I really have been. They are extremely talented, and have a unique sound.”

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