Image Courtesy MCA NashvilleDavid Nail was going through a tough time a few years back when a friend invited him to help coach a summer high school baseball team just outside Nashville. Since he’d just lost his first record deal, David took the job.

He says, “I went out to help him and just fell in love with all of the kids and really just credit for kind of getting me through that period of time.”

Since David wanted to be a baseball player himself at one time, he’s been living vicariously through those players, who have now gone on to play college and minor league baseball. One of the players, Taylor Hill, just got called up from the minor leagues to play for the Washington Nationals this summer.

Says David, “It’s neat to see other people, especially something that’s so difficult and the odds are so against you in that, I guess, business, to see them work their rears off from the very, very low rungs of the minor leagues, to climb that ladder and to achieve that dream.”

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