Charlie Chaplin became the highest-paid film star in the world when he signed a contract with Mutual Film Corporation!

At the age of 26, he signed a contract for $675,000 a year!

Doing a little research, and thanks to the fine folks at USinflationcalculator.com – when adjusting $675,000 into 2015 money, at the cumulative rate of inflation at 2053.4%, that much money would be worth $14,535,536.70 today!


Capitol Tower, the home of Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA, was dedicated.

The building was the first circular office tower designed in America.

It is 13 stories tall and 92 feet in diameter. At night, a light at the tip of the tower blinks the letters”H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D” in Morse Code.

and then lastly…


Alabama’s album 40 Hour Week grabbed the top spot on the Billboard country chart.

The group had a number one album for each of the previous five years


-Tyler Jackson