Dolly Records/RCA NashvilleTwo-time CMA nominee Cam comes face-to-face with the legendary Dolly Parton in the newest installment of Cracker Barrel’s Front Porch Series, which premieres today on ABC Radio.

The exuberant “Burning House” hitmaker chats with the legend from East Tennessee about songwriting, the Imagination Library and what Dolly hopes her legacy will be, plus Cam also discovered the two have a signature hue in common.

“Yellow roses are her thing, she loves yellow! It can be her color forever,” the California native laughs. “It was insane! It’s crazy to meet someone that’s such a legend, for so many years, and so smart. And you can just see it in her face, and man! She makes you laugh, she makes you feel like her best friend. But she’s like smartest wheel-turner, she’s got a little like, pick-up line at the end of everything that makes you laugh. It’s so good! She’s like the most brilliant!”  

 The two also play a rousing game of “Dolly or Not Dolly,” as they try to guess whether a witty one-liner belongs to the “I Will Always Love You” songstress or to someone else.

A deluxe edition of Dolly’s new CD, Pure & Simple, which includes a 48-page book of photos, memories and stories, as well as two bonus tracks, is available exclusively at Cracker Barrel.

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