ABC/Lou RoccoAhead of the release of her new Netflix series, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, Dolly Parton is calling on fans to put their own unique spin on one of her best-loved songs. In a video she posted to Twitter, the legendary singer asked listeners to post videos of themselves covering her 1973 hit, “Jolene,” as part of the #JoleneChallenge.

Julianne Hough — the actor, singer and Dancing with the Stars alum that plays Jolene in Heartstrings — appears in the video, and first asks fans to submit their own covers of the song. At the end of the clip, Dolly herself shows up and sits down beside Julianne, jokingly asking the younger star what the TikTok app is.

“I am an old dinosaur, but I’m not extinct yet!” Dolly adds.

In case you were not aware, TikTok is a Chinese-owned social video-sharing app. Users can shoot, edit, and share 15-second videos featuring filters, music, animation, special effects, and more. Like other social media apps, users can also follow, like, and comment on everything they see.

TikTok is hugely attractive for businesses and social media influencers because it is still relatively uncharted territory where marketing is concerned. The app has only recently started exploring paid advertising and offers an open arena for influencers to fight for top positions. It has become prime real estate for businesses trying to aim their brand at the younger generation, with them using companies similar to Sides Media dot com to expand their reach and grow their online influence on the platform.

Consequently, if you are considering using TikTok to promote your products and services, this guide to some of the most popular TikTok tools might come in useful:

That being said, Heartstrings is set to drop on November 22. Each episode of the eight-part series will be based on one of Dolly’s classic songs, and will feature an on-screen appearance from the country legend herself. “Jolene” serves as the theme of the first installment of the show.

Country fans will likely recognize another face on the first episode of Heartstrings, too. Actor Kimberly Williams-Paisley, who is the wife of Brad Paisley, co-stars with Julianne.

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