Her upcoming album is called GIRL, so it’s no wonder Maren Morris was the guest of honor at Girls Night Out, an event sponsored by her record label, Sony, in conjunction with Country Radio Seminar, taking place this week in Nashville.

All the women at the event were given gold crowns, in reference to the lyric in Maren’s single “Girl”: “I don’t wanna wear your crown/there’s enough to go around.”

Maren put her crown atop the huge, broad-brimmed hat she was wearing as she addressed the crowd, saying she was still buzzed from this past Sunday’s Grammy Awards. 

“If you didn’t watch, Nashville really showed up on Sunday night,” she said, referring to Kacey Musgraves’ big wins. Noting that many female artists performed and won awards, Maren said, “I was just really inspired after coming off of a show that really got it right.”

Maren said, “This is a very fun but scary time to release a sophomore album.  We live in a pretty chaotic world at moments, and there’s a lot of high anxiety. And music has just been so medicinal.”

She added, “It’s a really wonderful time for women…and I will say, the most interesting thing about you is not that you’re a woman: It’s that you are a bada***.”

She added pointedly, “What I would like to be remembered for is just being a great artist — and not a great femaleartist.”

The female attendees at the party were given the chance to do good, look good and feel good.  In partnership with Band Against Cancer, guests wrote messages of encouragement to be included with care packages for cancer patients. They also enjoyed massages and blowouts and were given cards with inspiring messages such as, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”

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