More alcohol-themed events are to be expected in Downtown Manhattan in the New Year.
Downtown Manhattan Executive Director Gina Snyder spoke with KMAN earlier this week regarding big plans coming together for 2022. Snyder says, being that the city commission passed the open container ordinance, they plan to begin hosting more alcohol-friendly events for the community.

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Snyder says, their recent “12 drinks of Christmas” event was a success and they are planning a similar event called “12 drinks of summer” in efforts to bring the community together.

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Downtown Manhattan’s long range planning committee is also putting together its initiatives for the future.Snyder stated that in the middle of last year, they began putting together a group of interested downtown stakeholders.

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Snyder says this year the committee’s focus is on improving existing businesses and assets and utilizing public spaces.

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Snyder says the pilot program for the downtown to Aggieville district loop operated by Flint Hills ATA Bus had during the holidays has ended. Snyder says they’re going to start gathering information regarding the turnout of the trial run with ATA Bus officials soon.

Snyder believes if the community were to receive more education on things like, bus routes, where the bus stops are etc. the trial may have more success in the future.

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