CurbTonight, Dylan Scott sets his Nothing to Do Town Tour in motion with a sold-out show at New York City’s Gramercy Theatre.

He tell ABC Radio, “I’m bringing Seth Ennis along, who also is a co-writer on ‘Hooked,’ and a good buddy of mine.”

“It’s gonna be a lot of fun. I mean, I’ve done a headlining tour before, but we’re hitting some really, really fun towns [and] cities. So I’m looking forward to the venues we’re playing and it’s gonna be high-energy.”

“Y’know, coming off ‘My Girl’ [reaching] #1 and then ‘Hooked’ going #2, and our next single, ‘Nothing to Do Town,” it’s gonna be rowdy,” the Louisiana native predicts.

Dylan’s one-year-old son Beckett, and his wife Blair — the inspiration behind “My Girl” — won’t be fixtures on the road, however, because there’s simply not enough room at this point.

“We’re still on one bus right now, and I’ve got ten guys on this bus,” he explains. “So, you know how that goes. But my goal is to hopefully next year…move on to two buses and bring the family out and let them experience it with us.”  

Dylan continues on to Boston, Massachusetts and Silver Spring, Maryland on Friday and Saturday. His new six-song EP, also titled Nothing to Do Town, comes out April 26.

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