Republic NashvilleOne of the perks of being in a band versus being a solo artist is the ability to divide up the workload among all the band members. Eli Young Band frontman Mike Eli learned to delegate some of the band’s big business tasks — like keeping up with the money — to band mate Jon Jones early on in their career.

He says, “At the time I was managing us, booking us, and the deposits weren’t always correct ’cause maybe I wasn’t getting enough sleep. So, Jon kinda came in and started helping me with that.”

Now that Eli Young Band is one of country’s top bands, they have managers, accountants and record label staff helping them keep everything straight. Still, their hectic schedule of playing shows, recording albums, writing songs, shooting videos and giving interviews can still be overwhelming. That’s why drummer Chris Thompson is thankful they have each other to take up the slack when one of them is falling behind.

Says Chris, “The really great thing is when one of us is really off and not having a good day or whatever, there’s three other people to kind of pick it up and to figure out where — to kind of fill in that space that needs to be filled in.”

Eli Young Band kicks off their CMA Music Festival week Monday night with a performance at Darius Rucker‘s Darius and Friends benefit concert at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon. Thompson Square, David Nail, Kenny Rogers and Clint Black are also on the bill. Proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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