Republic NashvilleEli Young Band celebrates the release of their new album, 10,000 Towns, this week with a massive performance at the Houston Rodeo Wednesday night. They’ve played this event twice before, and it’s always something of a homecoming for EYB front man Mike Eli, who grew up near Houston.

“All my first big concert experiences were there at the Houston Rodeo,” Mike tells ABC News Radio. “I make this joke all the time, but when I was younger, concerts to me, that’s what they were. So, going to a concert venue where the stage didn’t rotate and wasn’t in the Astrodome, it was like, ‘What’s this? I don’t understand.'”

That famous, rotating stage at the Houston Rodeo has never given Eli Young Band any problems, but they’ve learned not all rotating rodeo stages are created equal.

Mike explains, “Some of the rodeos have smaller, rotating stages that actually shake as they go. So, those are the ones where you really get vertigo ’cause you’re shaking up and down as well as rotating a little too quickly.”

Eli Young Band will play for more than 60,000 fans at the Houston Rodeo.

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