Image Courtesy John Peets/Captiol NashvilleEric Church and his wife, Katherine, are getting closer to welcoming a second child into their family. So, far Katherine’s pregnancy seems to be going smoothly.

“We’re approaching the third [trimester] now,” Eric says. “The second one was great. You know, the third gets more interesting. I think she’s getting close to ready to get it on over with and done.”

Eric has Katherine and their son, Boone, on the road with him on The Outsiders World Tour.

Says Eric, “My son loves the road more than I do. It’s fun to have ’em there, and having that balance, I think, is crucial to the success of any artist.”

Spending downtime with his family is essential for Eric’s well-being, too.

He says, “That’s where I recharge. You can’t go out there and slay dragons unless you have that place that you can plug back in.”

Eric launches a run of shows in Canada starting Thursday night in London, Ontario.

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