EB Media PREric Church‘s latest hit, “Give Me Back My Hometown,” is a true power ballad, but the big production can distract from the sad lyrics. The song is all about a guy seeing his ex-girlfriend everywhere he goes, now that she’s left town.

“Something that anybody knows more than anything else is their hometown,” Eric explains. “That’s where they’re most comfortable, that’s their comfort. And the loneliest thing about this song to me is here’s a guy who’s left in that place that should be the most comforting place to him, and it’s actually the place that haunts him.”

Country music has always been known for turning out the best heartbreak songs, and Eric thinks “Give Me Back My Hometown” fits right in that tradition.  He says, “It’s one of the more lonesome songs I think we’ve ever done.”

“Give Me Back My Hometown” is included on Eric’s new album, The Outsiders, now in stores.

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