EB Media PREric Church is one of country’s rowdiest performers, so it’s no wonder his toddler son, Boone, is something of a wild child. The country star is already preparing to take his daredevil boy on The Outsiders tour this fall, but there’ll be some changes to accommodate Boone.

“He needs his own bus. I need to put padded walls on it,” Eric says. “He had his first broken bone at one year old. Just over a year old. He jumped off the back of a chair.”

Lately, Eric has been bonding with Boone watching Tom and Jerry cartoons, but he’s had to put a stop to that father-son activity.

Eric explains, “When you watch it with your two-year-old and you see Tom take an axe and try to hit Jerry and Jerry blow up Tom, he doesn’t get it. So, then all of a sudden, Boone’s pulling my hair, slapping me, hitting [my wife] Catherine.”

Now that Tom & Jerry has been axed from Boone’s TV schedule, Eric says, “We’re back to Berenstain Bears.”

Eric kicks off The Outsiders World Tour this September.

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