National School Choice Week begins January 24.

Jordan Candido, director of advancement with Flint Hills Christian School, tells KMAN this is an exciting week for them and talks more about the national movement.

“Get parents aware of what is out there for their students,” Candido adds. “School choice is the process of allowing every family to choose the K through 12 educational options that best fit their children.”

Candido adds that by the time students graduate high school, they have been in the classroom for roughly 16,000 hours. She says at FHCS they strive to make those hours impactful.

“It’s a way to establish a positive spirit of academic excellence while simultaneously fostering sincere faith from a young age.”

Candido talks more about the value of a Christian education.

“As life circumstances arise, students and families, they are rallied around and supported and prayed for and prayed with and loved,” she says. “That’s what’s the difference. We don’t expect our students to be in a bubble, so to speak, we are more like a boot camp of how to be adults, how to move forward and have that strong community.”

As a way to show who they are to the community and to thank the parents who have chosen Flint Hills Christian School, they will be holding two open houses during National School Choice Week. Candido talks more about the events.

“It’s a one stop shop. You can come see the classrooms, you can come see the curriculum, you can ask questions to the principal or the teacher, and your kiddos can see the space as well and that kind of helps them feel more excited for coming and enrolling in the fall when they’ve already seen it.”

Two open house events will be held. The first is set for Tuesday, January 25.  This event is specifically for Pre-K and kindergarten and will be more of an informational open house. The second event is scheduled for Thursday, January 27 and is open to all ages.

Both open house events begin at 6 PM. To learn more, visit

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