Image Courtesy Republic NashvilleFlorida Georgia Line was lucky enough to have a career-making song with their debut single, “Cruise,” which has been downloaded seven million times so far.  So why didn’t they try to come with a song like “Cruise” to lead off their upcoming sophomore album?

Explaining why they chose to release their new traditional-leaning single, “Dirt,” Brian Kelley tells the Chicago Sun-Times, “I think a ‘Cruise’-type song would have been accepted, but just when you think you have FGL figured out, we wanted to go against the grain and change it up.”

Brian goes on to explain that “Dirt” shows just how open the country format is to party anthems and sentimental songs, too. It’s also an indication of how Brian’s recent marriage, and his duo partner Tyler Hubbard‘s long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Hayley, have affected their music.

“[It] didn’t change the direction of the new album,” Brian says, “but it does change how you feel about certain songs. Of course we have matured. Our lives are better than ever.”

“Dirt” is now available for download at all digital outlets.

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