Image Courtesy Warner Music NashvilleFrankie Ballard isn’t afraid to climb up and play his guitar on top of a stack of speakers or stand on the edge of a theater balcony during his shows. It’s all part of his plan to bring the excitement of a rock show to his country audiences.

Frankie says, “The fans, they love it. That little element of danger, it happens in rock and roll all the time — people climbing up, jumping off stuff, breaking their arms and stuff. Country music needs a little bit of that, I think.”

So, what’s going on in Frankie’s head when he’s standing on the balcony with no net?

“I’m just hoping that there isn’t, some like, ex-girlfriend that’s gonna push me off the edge there,” Frankie says with a laugh. “No, it’s just so much fun.”

Being out in the crowd offers Frankie to get extremely close to his fans, too.

He adds, “The coolest part about climbing up on anything is looking down over at the crowd and you can get the perspective of the whole audience. That’s really cool, ’cause sometimes on stage you can’t really see everybody together, but up there you can.”

Frankie’s live show includes his latest hit single, “Sunshine and Whiskey.” Frankie has tour dates now through December 20 when he wraps up his 2015 trek in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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