Image Courtesy Chris Hollo/Schmidt RelationsGarth Brooks is honored to be name-checked as an influence on current country superstars like Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to make it easy for them to compete with his upcoming world tour.

Garth explains, “Competition between us only makes the product better, which makes the consumer more happy. Under that flag of country music, it all keeps going in circles.”

Several  people in the music industry have told Garth they’ve seen a lot of acts steal elements from his live shows over the years, but Garth is quick to correct them, saying, “If they stole my show, then they must have stole Chris LeDoux‘s show, ’cause that’s where I stole it from. Chris got it from somebody else. That’s what we do.”

As for the new stage he’ll be taking on tour, Garth describes it as “phenomenal.” He says of his initial reaction to seeing it, “I was sitting there with my jaw open going, ‘You’re kidding me? This is what we’re going to roll around the world with?’ It’s very impressive.”

Though Garth’s live shows from the ’90s are now the stuff of country music legend, he’s setting out to top himself with this new presentation.

Says Garth, “I want these people walking out of these arenas going, ‘Best show I’ve ever seen. That thumped harder than any rap show I’ve been to. It was louder. It was more chaotic. It was just stupid.’  That’s what I want to hear.”

Garth will be bringing his wife, Trisha Yearwood, along to perform on the world tour.

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