ABC/Image Group LA If there’s ever been a country equivalent of Survivor‘s Rocky smash, “Eye of the Tiger,” it just may be LANCO‘s driving new single, “Rival.”

Lead singer Brandon Lancaster and drummer Tripp Howell wrote the song one night after hitting on a universal theme.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from or what you’re doing in life,” Brandon explains, “everyone has a moment where they feel like their back is against the wall where maybe people aren’t rooting for ’em.”

Brandon and Tripp conceived “Rival” as an anthem to encourage you when you’re in that situation.

“It’s important to tell people that you matter and you’re important and be proud of who you are, be proud of where you come from,” Brandon goes on. “And go do what you want in life, and if there is anyone that wants to stand in your way, that’s all right, that’s just reality. Chock ’em up as a rival and use ’em as motivation.”

Though LANCO‘s follow-up to their debut album, Hallelujah Nights, isn’t finished yet, they agree “Rival” is a good preview of their sophomore record.

“I think with any song you want to think of an idea a lot of people can relate to,” Brandon continues, “that you can also relate to strongly, and it kinda met those two qualifications… But it also just was a good introduction to the next chapter of what we want to do.  

LANCO’s nominated for both Group of the Year and New Duo or Group of the Year at next month’s Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.  They’re currently on the Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour with label mate Luke Combs.

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