The annual Grow Green Match Day is just around the corner.

Vern Hendricks, Greater Manhattan Community Foundation President and CEO, says now that they have rounded out the CFAs, it is time to move to the next event. On Grow Green Match Day, donations made through the GMCF to nonprofits will receive a 50% match.

“If you like the stories you heard on Monday night (during the CFAs), you can support those stories and many others with nearly 80 organizations that are participating in match day this year on April 22.”

Hendricks says these nonprofit organizations are crucial to the Manhattan area and this is one day that the community can really pay it forward to them.

“They are not fund raisers, they are service providers. They have hearts that are huge and needs that are great so to be able to provide support to those needs is terrific, and that’s kind of where we come in.”

Last year nearly 1.5 million dollars was raised during the event.

Grow Green Match Day is set for Friday, April 22. Donations can be made online that day at or back in person this year at Colony Square Atrium from 7 AM to 6 PM.

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