Image Courtesy Kristin Barlowe/Warner Music NashvilleOn Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday evening, Jimmy welcomed Hunter Hayes, who appeared both in a comedy sketch and to perform on the outdoor stage as part of Kimmel’s Summer Concert Series.  

Jimmy first introduced Hunter by explaining the nearly 23-year-old star can play 30 instruments. “I didn’t even know there were 30 instruments,” Jimmy quipped, then invited Hunter out to prove his skills.

Hayes came out, strapped up with dozens of instruments like one of those novelty “one man band” street performers, and began playing guitar and drums simultaneously — comically poorly.

“I think you might have took this a bit literally,” the overloaded Hayes said. “You can’t play them all at once?” Kimmel asked, joking. “I kinda prefer not to, but I’ll keep going…if you guys wanna keep rocking,” Hayes replied.

“We’ll figure it out and get back to you later,” Kimmel said, as the show went to a commercial. “That’s a better idea,” Hunter agreed. 

He later appeared to perform “Tattoo.” The performance was a preview of his upcoming Tattoo (Your Name) Tour, which kicks off October 30.

Before the tour gets underway in University Park, Pennsylvania, Hunter will pay tribute to the troops and their loved ones by playing one USO show in the U.S. and another one overseas.

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