ABC/Image Group LA On Friday, Dan + Shay come full circle, as the project they started teasing right after the first of the year arrives in stores and online. 

Though their self-titled album is only their third, through the years, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooneyhave become masters at engaging their fans on social media, just as they did by hinting the lead single, “Tequila,” was coming in January. 

“We’ve found creative ways to deliver the music to fans,” Dan reflects. “It’s not always just about having a great song, but having a great accompaniment piece, having a great video.”

For the album’s first release, that meant traveling to the mountains of Colorado and braving the weather.

“We go all out on that stuff,” Dan admits. “We shot the ‘Tequila’ video, we flew all the way out to Breckenridge, and stood out in the snowy, cold day for I don’t know — How many takes did we do? Shay said we did 96 takes of the video. I think it was like three,” he jokes.

“It was like three,” Shay agrees, “but it felt like 96.”

The effort has paid off, as “Tequila” sits at #3 on the chart, with a shot at hitting the top spot next week.

“It’s just a great opportunity we have in 2018,” Dan says of social media, “to be able to post something on Instagram, rather than just a WAV or an MP3 of the song.”

“But to put your vision out there,” he goes on, “you know, what you saw when you wrote the song, or what you saw when you recorded the song, to be able to share that with fans on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever it may be… It’s a great opportunity for us.” 

The duo’s most recent album, Obsessed, came out in 2016.

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